Kawaii Journey

Kawaii Journey

By Jamie Sommer

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Evolve Preview

Evolve From Turtle Rock Studios, the creators of Left 4 Dead, Evolve is a multiplayer shooter that features twelve different hunters that face off against monsters in 4v1 player matches. You can choose to play as one of the twelve different hunters or as one of the two different types of monsters (with a third in the works). All matches are 4v1, with players taking the role as the Assault,Trapper,Medic or Support. Each of the four different roles features three different characters, each with their own load-out. The two monsters are known as Kraken and Goliath. There can only be one of each class per match, thus all four classes will be in each game.Read More

This War of Mine Review

This War of Mine This War of Mine is an indie survival war game. In it, you control a group of survivors in the middle of a city siege in modern times. You can have up to five different survivors under the one roof at a time, and each one has separate skills that help the group survive. It is also randomly generated as to when the war starts and who you start with. This random generation creates massive reliability, as you may have to survive beginning in the dead of winter, or you may have to deal with bandits in the first couple days. This is also a dynamic world as well. With the war in the city, some areas could be closed off due to the two fractions fighting in the area. Other areas could be closed off due to snow.Read More

Dragon Age: Inquisition Review

Dragon Age: Inquisition I had never really gotten around to playing any of Bioware games for myself. The interest was always there, but I never found time to delve into games like the Mass Effect trilogy. Over the summer I did get around to playing a bit of Dragon Age: Origins, and even though I loved the characters and the story for the game the gameplay pushed me away. It just seemed too complicated and difficult to get my head wrapped around. It was also really difficult, and not understanding how the game worked outside of "stack mages to win" really turned me off from it. I skipped out on Dragon Age 2 since I didn’t finish the first one and listened to the popular opinion that the game was just bad compared to the original. This was a universe I wanted to delve deeper into but seemingly could not find an entry point to suck me in. That’s where Dragon Age Inquisition comes into play.Read More

Destiny: The Dark Below DLC

Summary of content in the upcoming Destiny DLC The Dark Below.

Executive Producer: Sam Schubert
Producer: Katherine Stull & Bryce Bobula
Editor: Maddie Vokovitch
Writer: MaddieVokovitch
Voice Work: Matt Amenda

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Kerbin… we have a Problem

kerbin...we have a problem

By Alec Reilly

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Assassins Creed Rogue Review

Assassins Creed Rogue Although Assassins Creed Unity was the big title to be released by Ubisoft this year, Assassins Creed Rogue was the one that truly delivered. I could say that it delivered more than Unity did in many ways. From the story, to the characters and the gameplay, Rogue truly delivered everything that an Assassins Creed game has been built off of. Shay Cormac starts off as a young, rebellious assassin who turns on the Brotherhood and joins the side of the Templar’s. This, for one, was one thing that drew me to the game. The ability to see the other side of the story was a great step for Ubisoft to take. Players have grown to love and cherish the Brotherhood, but you never got the chance to see what it was like to be on the other side of the fight.Read More

Sequels We Want But Will Never Happen: Collab

Alan Wake We all have that favorite standalone game that should have gotten a sequel but never did. Whether because of bad sales, studio closures, or endless development hell, not every good game gets the sequel it deserves. It's something that we as passionate gamers learn to live with. So in remembrance of the squandered potential of games near and dear to our hearts, the Gamezombie writing team got together and pined for the sequels we want, but we know will never happen. Read More

Apps for (RED)

Apps for Red Apple has been a devoted supporter of Product (RED) for several years now, but they have never made quite as large of a statement as they have this year. When you visit the app store, you are greeted to the home page of the store with several (RED) apps. “Apple is a proud supporter of (RED) because we believe that the gift of life is the most important gift anyone can give,” Tim Cook said in a press release. Product (RED) is a non-profit organization that is devoted to the relief of HIV and AIDS.Read More



By Meghan Pfeiffer

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