Stonehearth Review

Stonehearth First put on kickstarter in early may 2013, Stonehearth came with a tale of exciting city building combined with RPG style citizen progression. The game boasted large open worlds in which to take your small band of settlers and forge an empire. Managing resources while under pressure from outside attacks, it was putting forth the idea of a classic city building game fused with some more adventurous RPG mechanics. it was an almost instant success, receiving over 600% funding by the due date, which lead to the founders added on some even more ambitious stretch goals. I myself was caught up in the hype, I looked at it as an RTS Minecraft style game.Read More

Project Spark Review

Project Spark Project Spark is a "freemium" game that came out for Xbox One and Windows 8 this month. Players can both create their own games and play other users’ creations. The game has many additional in game items and textures that users can purchase to use in their own games created in Spark.Read More

Nemesis System

Nemesis System It's time of year again - the time where high-profile games begin releasing in time for the holiday shopping season. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is one of the games starting off the season, but by all accounts is not high profile. Certainly the game got media attention, but it was largely under hyped. The lack of attention seems to have worked in its favor, however, as the game has received rave reviews from many different sources. Arguably, the Nemesis System is a main contributor to these great scores.Read More

Dragon Ball Cute

Dragon Ball Cute

By Jamie Sommer

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First Game Ever Played (Compilation)

"NES-Console-Set" by Evan-Amos - Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons - Video games have a way of making us feel old. Looking back on the games we played as little kids reminds of how far technology has come, but to us they'll always be the games that made us who we are. Our writers got together and recalled the first games that they ever played in this week's compilation.Read More

Silent Protagonists: Doing It Right, Doing It Wrong

ModernWarfare2 A silent protagonist is a common narrative device in video games. It supposedly helps the player identify with the protagonist, and as a plus, it is cheaper than hiring a voice actor. By getting rid of any personality the protagonist might have, players can put their own personality on him or her. Sometimes, this works. Other times, it is a constant distraction from the narrative and breaks the player’s immersion in the game. We will discuss examples of both.Read More

Viruses (Part 1)

Computer Virus The first thing that you should know if you have a virus is that you are not alone. Many other people and companies have had to deal with a virus at some point or another. These viruses cause much frustration and agony over what they do. The only real way to combat these viruses is through knowledge, so the next series of articles are planned to inform you with what the enemy is, and how to both prevent and to eliminate the virus.Read More

Shadow Warrior


By Anthony Aspenson

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Bloodborne Preview

Bloodborne Fans of the Demon Souls and Dark Souls series can rejoice as another game has been announced by From Software to be released next year. Bloodborne will be a PS4 exclusive released on February 5th in Japan and February 6th in Europe and North America. It will be one of the few PS4 exclusives to be released since the launch of the system in November 2013, and it does look very promising.Read More

TGS 2014 in a Nutshell

TGS in a Nutshell 2014 On September 18th- September 21st the Tokyo Game Show made its return to Japan. The TGS is by far the biggest gaming show in the Japanese industry and attracts the biggest developers in the region such as Square-Enix, Chunsoft, Platnium Games, Atlus, Capcom, and Konami to name a few. It’s basically E3 in Japan. In this article I’m going to briefly outline major game announcements of the show.Read More