Let Me Tell You Why You Like Fallout 4

Nat_F42 So, another week, another article, another slight departure from my normal style of writing. I hope you’ll forgive me the deviation one more time, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about Fallout. Yes, I have in fact already written an article on the topic. No, that’s not going to keep me from writing more about it. Relax, you know you like reading about these games anyway.Read More

Games for Non-Gamers: Portal 2

Thea_Portal2 Hello my wonderful readers! This week, I am going to talk about one of my absolute favorite games: Portal 2.Read More

Weekly Roundup: 11/12/2015

Nolan_11222 What did you do this week? I know that I didn’t do much... except deliver your gaming news fix! Welcome to the Weekly Roundup!Read More

eRena: Blizzard is Coming

Codi_Blizzard1 The eRena is back! CodiacArrest here giving you the latest and greatest in eSports! Today we will be doing a recap of BlizzCon 2015 for those of you who may have missed the event (just like me). This special event was the 9th annual BlizzCon to take place, and the outcome could not have been better. There is a lot to go over, so I will be providing a quick summary for all of you lovely Zombie readers.Read More

We All Bleed Pixels: IARC and You

Sam_NSIS2 We are all aware of the rating system imposed on any media content. Movies and video games are all rated based on their content, and sales are limited depending on that rating. There are different methods and bodies in charge of doing these ratings depended on where you live, but one of the regions with the most strict censorship is Australia.Read More

The Story of Games: Adaptation


Avery Hafer

Hello readers, and welcome back to another installment of The Story of Games! Today, I will be talking about adaptations of movies and TV shows (and the rare book adaptation). Well, mainly just movies, since there really aren’t any good TV show based games. I will be concentrating on these stories and how they tie into the film or TV show. I will not discount games if they were considered “bad,” which most tie-ins generally end up being. Yeah, I’m looking at you, James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game! (That is a mouthful of a title.) Though, really, I will only be talking about Lord of the Rings and Metro 2033.

Okay, so there are basically two types of tie-ins. The first is the kind that faithfully follows the media it is tying into...

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The Corporate Angle: EA – Got to Get Back to Basics

ealogo-ig When you mention EA to a gamer, it’ll most likely bring up a whole slew of mixed feelings. On the one hand, many gamers grew up on EA games; however, lately gamers know EA as the “Worst Company in America” as declared by The Consumerist. But despite EA’s recent slip-ups, they are a company founded on smart decisions and innovation.Read More

The Best Approach: Immersion

Brayden_Immersion Have you ever played a game that just drew you in and refused to let go of you? A world or experience that was just so interesting, so intoxicating, that you didn't want to leave? This, put simply, is the feeling of immersion – quite possibly the most important feeling you can instill into a player.Read More

Deathstroke vs Batman


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Let Me Ask You Why You Like Bloodborne

Nat_Bloodborne1 So I sat down today to write my next article, a series in which I explain to people why they like things, and I decided I’d do the immensely popular Bloodborne, and other similar games likewise created by From Software. And I realized something interesting.Read More