In recent years, more and more game venues have been opened. For a long time, such restaurants existed, especially in the station districts and at freeway rest areas. But that has changed, and they can also be found in many other urban areas. They usually offer up to twelve slot machines where guests can have fun. Depending on the slot machine, guests can choose from many games. For example, a current device from the manufacturer Gauselmann has pre-installed more than a hundred games. There are classics such as Fruitinator, Jokers Cap and Eye of Horus. Popular games such as Book of Ra or Lucky Lady Charm are waiting on the vending machines from Novoline. But is that enough to compete with the Internet?


In a game library, the specific game offer depends on which machines the operator has placed there. Older models are a little cheaper, but they lack the novelties. In addition, especially during peak business hours, in one of the game areas, it can quickly happen that all the machines are occupied with the favorite game.

Then you have to wait until one of the players clear the place. But this can take time, which is why many players prefer to try it in another hall. There is no problem in online casinos like malaysia casino. They are usually up-to-date and players can play all their favorite games without waiting. For many players, this is a reason to prefer slot machines in online casinos to a visit to the arcade.

In addition, the range of services on the Internet is much more extensive. It is not uncommon for vendors to have several thousand games from a wide variety of developers. The atmosphere in arcades and online casinos In an arcade, the atmosphere is in many cases rather mediocre.

It’s dark and there’s not even a window outside. You can regularly hear other players forcibly smashing the keys or insulting the vending machines because they couldn’t get the winnings they wanted. In such an atmosphere it is difficult to relax and the fun of the game is clouded.


In a game library, the player first has to change his money and book it laboriously in small steps on the points store. This is due to the current and much criticized game ordinance, which regulates the small game on the slot machines.

By posting to the points store, the maximum gain and loss per hour can be adjusted to actually comply with the game regulation. If a player now scores a higher point, it simply takes a little longer for him to get the money paid out in full.

In online casinos, a player can easily deposit and withdraw using the payment method of their choice. The money is immediately available to him, and he does not have to deal with annoying formalities such as booking. Once the player’s account has been verified, it rarely takes more than 24 hours for a win to be transferred to their payment method.