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Advantages Of Playing Slot Online

Players who play the slot have seen numerous developments in the game, incited by the advancements in technology as well as with the advent of the Internet. Today, players can play slot online which is as entertaining as a traditional […]

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Casino games in Google Play & Apple App Store

Do you remember the old snap button cell phones? 15 years ago, with the help of the first cell phones, you could only make calls, send text messages and play standard games. Thanks to innovative technologies, you can even use […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Slot Machines

If you are looking for a popular gambling game around the globe, you can never go wrong with slot machines. Yet, despite being popular, it also tends to be the most addictive one. And because of that, gambling problems may […]

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2013 03 24 My Experience at the Midwest Gaming Classic

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Relationship of science and gambling

The transition from the conception that gambling like 인싸포커 is strictly related to everyone’s chance, to the one according to which behind the gambling are scientific principles was a long one but influenced by important studies.

The mathematical theory of probability and gambling

A serious scientific investigation of the laws of chance, known as the mathematical theory of probability, seems to have begun during the Renaissance when so many other pioneering initiatives in science took place. And some of the first research was done by the same great thinkers who undermined superstitions and paved the way for modern science, well-known names such as Johannes Kepler or Galileo Galilei.

Some personalities in the field of science have made significant contributions to the evolution of gambling. A prime example is Kepler, who as an astronomer was concerned with the stars, not gambling. But when a new bright star appeared in 1604, he collected the views of other astronomers and approved the theory that a star appears due to the opportunity of atomic concordance. Then, based on complex calculations, Kepler tried to determine the time and mathematical probability for a similar situation to be repeated, an extremely current principle even now, in the case of gambling.

Galileo’s contribution to probability theory

Galileo’s contribution to probability theory has a more direct relationship with gambling than Kepler’s. Galileo deviated from his impressive work in other scientific fields to answer the banal question of a playmate. The friend wanted to know why, with three dice, the number 10 is rolled more often than the number 9. Galileo prepared an analysis of the chances and showed that out of 216 possible cases, the number 10 has the game advantage over the number 9 in the report of 27 cases to 25 because there are 27 combinations of dice that form the number 10 and form only 9.

Girolamo Cardano’s contribution to probability theory

But the man who made perhaps the most extensive demonstrations of probability theory was Girolamo Cardano. While a student at the University of Padua, Cardano began gathering information for his work. Student Cardano had a lot of opportunities to study the subject because his income came mainly from gambling until he gained a reputation as a doctor, mathematician, philosopher and inventor.

The book is a compilation of themes that formed the basis of the subsequent evolution of the industry. The moral, historical, practical and arithmetic aspects of gambling are all debated over several chapters. The manuscript also has instructions for playing primer and clues to tricks that use soap and mirror cards in finger rings to reflect playing surfaces.

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Advantages Of Playing Slot Online

Players who play the slot have seen numerous developments in the game, incited by the advancements in technology as well as with the advent of the Internet. Today, players can play slot online which is as entertaining as a traditional slot machine in land-based casino, even better.

Advantages of Playing Slot Online

With slot online, the entertainment level is incredible as players are presented an exceptional form of amusement. From excellent graphics, incredible animations, amusing sounds and amazing gameplay, playing the slots online can truly be an engaging experience. Apart from this, there are more advantages to playing online slots which many players enjoy. Here are some:

You Have the Option to Select Low Wagering Limits

Online slots have varying costs. There are a lot of low limit online slot games that you can enjoy decreasing your chances of losing money. With this low limit online slot games, you can control what you do more easily as well as be able to properly handle your bankroll. Online slot games allow you to bet any amount the you are most comfortable with and still have the opportunity to win some money or even hit the jackpot.

You Are Given Access to a Large Array of Slot Games

Playing online slots provides you an extensive range of slot games that comes in varying themes. Furthermore, the odds of the online slot games are visibly indicated which gives you the freedom to select slot games basing it on the odds. The benefit of this is that you are given the opportunity to bet on slot games online that you know will offer better and greater payouts because of the odds.

Engaging In Online Slots Offers Convenience

Playing at an online casino site or platform offers convenience since you play using a handheld device, such as a smartphone or tablet, accompanied by the Internet. This eliminates the need for you to travel to a traditional land-based casino so as to enjoy some slot games which cuts down transportation cost as well. With the increased convenience, you can play any time you want any place as long as you have connection to the internet. You can even play the slots even when you are always on the go.

Enjoy Free Bonuses and Incentives

There are various bonuses and incentives offered when engaging in online slots. When new players register at an online slot website, players are offered a sign-up bonus as well as other bonuses and incentives, such as free spins and real money prize. Even existing players are provided with bonuses to keep them engaged. These rewards and bonuses are to attract new players and keep their existing client base.

Bottom Line

Playing at an online slot platform has its own set of advantages which can outweigh traditional slot machines at land-based casinos. If you decide to engage, make certain that you choose a reliable website or platform in order to better reap the benefits of playing slot online.

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Casino games in Google Play & Apple App Store

Do you remember the old snap button cell phones? 15 years ago, with the help of the first cell phones, you could only make calls, send text messages and play standard games. Thanks to innovative technologies, you can even use cell phone cameras for professional photography. And of course, modern smartphones are inconceivable without high-quality games.

Apple was the first company to introduce smartphones with an app store concept. After that, the competitors offered their smartphones with their own operating system. Samsung now sells more smartphones and has a larger market share than Apple. For example, if you play online casino on a smartphone other than an iPhone, you most likely have a smartphone with the Google Android operating system. In general, a sufficient number of good apps for online casino games can be found in the app stores of both systems.

Online casino in the Apple App Store

Apple App Store remains an important platform for online casino applications and the developers of other apps. By the way, the Apple App Store is an important argument in favor of buying an iOS device. The thing is not that Apple offers more or less apps, but that the company runs the app store itself. Publishers are thoroughly screened before their product is published on the Apple App Store. Thus, the chances of installing a suspicious application on your iPhone or iPad are reduced to almost zero.

Casino games in the Google Play Store

The Google Play Store has a lot more online casino games and gambling such as agen dominoqq as this company’s guidelines aren’t that strict. Publishers go through fewer reviews, which means there are more and more apps in this store. In general, the Google Play Store numbers are almost double that of the Apple App Store in terms of the number of apps and downloads. Some numbers: On average, more than four and a half thousand new applications appear on Google Play every day. You can imagine how many casino apps there are in the Google Play Store.

In terms of the range of games, casino apps from all leading developers are presented in both stores – the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Many of them have also built sports betting into their apps.

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Everything You Need to Know About Slot Machines

If you are looking for a popular gambling game around the globe, you can never go wrong with slot machines. Yet, despite being popular, it also tends to be the most addictive one. And because of that, gambling problems may arise from individual gamblers and also from the slot machine game itself.


Gambling Problems Related to Slot Machines

Gamblers are the main contributor of gambling problems in playing slot machines. But, the ways of playing the game may also be factors in acquiring such issues. That’s the reason why it is important to know the features that make a risky slot machine playing.

1. Winning Probability

Winning over slot machines are not good, in general. This casino game is profitable, on the other hand, because the machine is properly programmed to pay out money on a percentage that is wagered.

The design of the slot machines ensures that it doesn’t lose money for a long period of time.

2. Rate of Play

Compared to other casino games, the rate of playing the slot machines is generally on a faster rate making players to lose more bucks quickly as well.

3. False Wins

When the frequency of wins of the player from the spin is actually less compared to the value of their wagered money, this is known as a false win.

4. Near Misses

You will know that you have near-miss if you see the jackpot symbol either on top or beneath the pay line. This looks like you are one spot close for the win.

5. Stop Button

Actually, this does not have any effect on the game result because it only provides an illusion of control to the player.

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Distinguishing Progressive Jackpot Slots from Regular Slot Games

Online gambling is the new norm in casino gaming, being the safer option to choose over playing in land-based casinos where safe distancing can be problematic. In fact, several jurisdictions are now allowing their land-based casinos to offer their gaming products and services online that many have taken greater interest in trying their hand at Progressive Slot games.

While the main factor that is drawing online casino players to playing progressive slots is the life-changing jackpot, not a few know how progressive slots work. Most online casinos promote games with jackpot features, which make them wonder if they can only win toward hitting the jackpot money; or to simply play and be able to rake in winnings as if playing any regular slot game.

What Makes Progressive Jackpot Slots Different?

Basically, progressive jackpot slots denote that the major prize money that can be won is likely to grow in staggering amounts A progressive jackpot slot is different from regular slot games due to the following gaming features:

The prize at stake is open to several online casino slot players simultaneously playing the progressive slot game because the system links their play to the same Random Numbers Generator.

The linking system connects different slot games provided by a certain games developer either locally on a per casino basis or network wide..Network wide denotes connecting players across a broader area, usually where the progressive slot game has been approved by the gaming regulators of covered jurisdictions. .

In Asia, only regulated online casino sites like mega888 offer progressive slots by virtue of the slot providers gaming license.

The linking system of a progressive slot amasses a portion of every bet staked by players playing simultaneously across online casinos in different locations. All fractional parts of bets collected work toward building a pool of money from where the jackpot prize will be taken.

Betting activities in progressive slots will not be affected by the progressive linking system, which means the winning outcomes of regular play will still be based on the value of the coin staked as bet.

In the event that a progressive slot player manages to win the jackpot money, the linking system automatically suspends the progressive gaming activities to ensure that only one winner can claim the pooled amount.

The progressive slot winner will have to wait until the games developer is able to verify that the win is legitimate and that no software error occurred. Once verified as a genuine win, the operator or authorized representatives of the online casino and the games developer will formally confirm the win-event. As opposed to regular slot plays where the payouts are automatically generated and immediately credited to the slot player’s gaming account.


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Social gaming and social gambling

For a long time, gaming and gambling were viewed separately in research. From the perspective of gambling and gambling addiction, this can historically be explained by the fact that in gaming the cost dimension consisted only of lost time, not lost money. In addition, the risk of addiction is lower in gaming than in games of chance, because there is no use of money as an amplifier. At the same time, the amalgamation of gaming and gambling products on the industrial side was very little or hardly present until recently.

And because of technology, online gambling such as situs judi resmi can be accessed easily by a lot of people around the globe.

The convergence of gaming and gambling

Gaming products and games of chance have been converging in recent years. In the meantime, the stake of money in gaming has become common. In addition, after the shift in gaming demand to the Internet, there is an increasing focus on gaming on offerings on mobile devices. At the moment, this primarily applies to the range of live sports betting, which players can conveniently access during the event using their smartphone or tablet from the sofa or the stadium. But poker and casino games are also offered through this new distribution channel. In addition, the same shift to mobile devices has taken place with gaming products. And it is precisely in this area that real money bets are particularly common.

Social networks and social games

Particularly against the background that social games are an important component of social networks such as Facebook and can thus acquire more central importance for the player due to the possible connection with personal relationships, this development is to be classified as questionable from an addiction policy point of view. This not only affects young people, but also the internet-savvy population in general. From a legal point of view, there is still a strict separation between the two industries, but an integrated view of research is all the more necessary in order to examine and understand social gaming with its cornerstones “games of chance for play money” and “games with money stakes”.

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Gambling Addiction is a Problem that can be Prevented

About 94 percent of gamblers are experiencing or dealing with serious financial problems. Gambling addiction might begin to develop while playing any casino games. This is whether you are betting on slot machines, casinos, roulette, sports sweepstakes to 바카라사이트 or anywhere else.

It doesn’t matter if your direct expenses for playing these games are not high; try calculating the amount of time you’d be losing if you are playing computer games for extended period of time or planned a strategy when betting on any of these games. The moment you stop on gambling, it is going to give you more time on high-paying job while lowering unnecessary expenses.

Have Discipline

The moment that you were able to control your gambling addiction, you will not need to rack your mind over where to put your money or who you should go to borrow money from. Moreover, you will not have to resort to cheating to win or take back the money you loss. The sooner you quit, the bigger the probabilities of avoiding pressures from creditors, high interests or threat of losing your assets. Learn to stop your gambling addiction and start saving large sum of cash. Of course, you can still gamble so long as you are able to regulate.

Being able to compute accurate amount of possible price of gambling is nearly impossible for each case is unique and will depend on your personal capacity. Majority become addicted to gambling are being characterized by common signs. Therefore, even though the sum of money varies, still the outcome remains the same. As a matter of fact, between men and women, the former are 3 to 4 times more attracted to gamble.

Fortunately, there are many different practices that you can do to avoid gambling addiction and other problems associated to it. Let us enumerate some of these options:

Stick to Your Budget

Among the reasons why people become addicted to gambling is that, they’re not setting limits on to how much they will be betting on. Instead, they are placing bets as long as they are able to get something from their pockets or their cards. So before you go to casinos or play online, set how much you will be playing for the day and stop when there’s none.

Limit Your Time in the Casino

Remember, you are in the casino to be entertained and release some steam. You are not some professional gambler who can beat the system just because you thought so. That’s not how it works. Before you succumb yourself to the negative effects of too much gambling, learn when you should stop and go home.

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