Gambling and Video Gaming: Parallels

Gambling and video games are definitely inextricably linked. In addition to providing entertainment and excitement, both use similar techniques to attract the attention of the player. For this reason, it is not uncommon these days to come across gambling games with plots and graphics similar to video games. Many video games also include gambling subplots.

Some gambling platforms are classified as video games because they are considered pure entertainment games and not real money bets.

Simulated gambling

The first group of video games based on a game of chance, but not licensed or registered as a casino, simulates a game of chance. The most well-known are Zynga Poker, Doubledown Casino, and Slotomania.

The reason it isn’t classified as a game of chance is that it doesn’t include real money. Players usually bet virtual coins or digital money, which are just the currencies of these games. These are just for fun and you can’t lose or win real money on these platforms.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that simulated gambling lacks excitement or adrenaline. On these platforms, you can participate in leaderboards and contests to prove that you are the best player.

You are also famous on social media like Facebook. There you can compete with your friends and prove that you are a master of slots poker, and other online casino games.

Gambling in the game

The in-game casino game is a feature that has become increasingly popular in recent video games. Many games now include side slots where you can play for virtual money or other resources used in the game. For example, if you collect coins in the game, you can choose to play with your coins to get more and buy new features.

Some of the most notable examples of in-game gambling include Grand Theft Auto and The Sims, but many games incorporate pokie machines as part of their main storyline.

How do video games make money from gambling?

Many players are wondering how video games with gambling can actually monetize games without actually offering real money games. There are several ways for video games with gambling to make money, but the two most common are advertising and in-app purchases.


In order to monetize the game and increase the number of players who enjoy the game, publishers often choose to “rent” a portion of the platform or app space to advertisers.

This means everything from advertising on other games, sites, and platforms to affiliate links to real casinos. For example, UK online casinos usually have the highest payouts, the highest payouts, and can be found as a recommendation on many in-game gambling platforms.


Gambling in video games is definitely here, and more exciting developments are expected as more famous developers begin to integrate casino games into arcade video games.