Lessons Learned from Gambling on New Jersey’s Esports

Primarily, the main issue of running esports betting is whether it is classified as iGaming or sports betting. There is actually a need to review the inclusions of regulations regarding the esports-specific skins in New Jersey. The problem is that almost the majority of the skins in the state are accounted for already. Aside from that, there is a prohibition of skin agreements to newly established esports companies.

Gambling regulators and lawmakers are trying to go further into esports gambling. Well, the expansion of New Jersey’s esports offers lessons on structuring the related legislation.

Limited Skins

The land-based casinos in New Jersey that have licenses can also apply for licenses to operate internet gaming as well as the license for sports wagering.

The Need to Classify Esports Betting

Numbers of jurisdictions do not have a clear understanding of the inclusion of all types of esports. This inclusion is being a part of the meaning behind the available sports for wagering. Basically, taking wagers from players of a live sports tournament, that activity will generally fall under the regulation of sports wagering. With that, the skin for sports wagering would be needed as expected for a live sports competition. That would be basically similar to a traditional sport.