Top Countries With the Biggest Numbers of Online Gamblers

With each passing year, online sports betting and casino gambling have grown progressively. Due to national legislation, the traditional brick-and-mortar casinos have been restricted inside a country. But, punters in most nations can access a large variety of internet casinos and gambling sites.

With that, online casino usage is on the rise taking the advantage of online casino gaming. That’s why it is important to know the applicable gambling site to use according to your location.

List of Countries with the Highest Numbers of Online Gamblers

Let’s have a look at the top countries when it comes to online casino gambling. While the exact rankings may change annually, most industry magazines agree that the following countries are consistently among the world’s top gamblers.


Population wise, Canada arguably has a clear advantage over most other countries in the world, with an estimated 75 percent of the population engaging in online casino gaming on a regular basis.

United Kingdom

For a long time, British citizens have been enamored with sports betting and online casino gaming. Aside from the significant amount of punters in the population, the quality of regulated and lawfully operating online betting sites in the UK is easily observable.

United States

The United States is home to about 70% of all online gamblers worldwide. World-famous physical casinos include Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Many states have started the process of enabling both land-based and online gaming to be allowed. Even states without approved internet betting companies frequently enable their citizens to wager on offshore markets.