Casino games in Google Play & Apple App Store

Do you remember the old snap button cell phones? 15 years ago, with the help of the first cell phones, you could only make calls, send text messages and play standard games. Thanks to innovative technologies, you can even use cell phone cameras for professional photography. And of course, modern smartphones are inconceivable without high-quality games.

Apple was the first company to introduce smartphones with an app store concept. After that, the competitors offered their smartphones with their own operating system. Samsung now sells more smartphones and has a larger market share than Apple. For example, if you play online casino on a smartphone other than an iPhone, you most likely have a smartphone with the Google Android operating system. In general, a sufficient number of good apps for online casino games can be found in the app stores of both systems.

Online casino in the Apple App Store

Apple App Store remains an important platform for online casino applications and the developers of other apps. By the way, the Apple App Store is an important argument in favor of buying an iOS device. The thing is not that Apple offers more or less apps, but that the company runs the app store itself. Publishers are thoroughly screened before their product is published on the Apple App Store. Thus, the chances of installing a suspicious application on your iPhone or iPad are reduced to almost zero.

Casino games in the Google Play Store

The Google Play Store has a lot more online casino games and gambling such as agen dominoqq as this company’s guidelines aren’t that strict. Publishers go through fewer reviews, which means there are more and more apps in this store. In general, the Google Play Store numbers are almost double that of the Apple App Store in terms of the number of apps and downloads. Some numbers: On average, more than four and a half thousand new applications appear on Google Play every day. You can imagine how many casino apps there are in the Google Play Store.

In terms of the range of games, casino apps from all leading developers are presented in both stores – the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Many of them have also built sports betting into their apps.