Social gaming and social gambling

For a long time, gaming and gambling were viewed separately in research. From the perspective of gambling and gambling addiction, this can historically be explained by the fact that in gaming the cost dimension consisted only of lost time, not lost money. In addition, the risk of addiction is lower in gaming than in games of chance, because there is no use of money as an amplifier. At the same time, the amalgamation of gaming and gambling products on the industrial side was very little or hardly present until recently.

And because of technology, online gambling such as situs judi resmi can be accessed easily by a lot of people around the globe.

The convergence of gaming and gambling

Gaming products and games of chance have been converging in recent years. In the meantime, the stake of money in gaming has become common. In addition, after the shift in gaming demand to the Internet, there is an increasing focus on gaming on offerings on mobile devices. At the moment, this primarily applies to the range of live sports betting, which players can conveniently access during the event using their smartphone or tablet from the sofa or the stadium. But poker and casino games are also offered through this new distribution channel. In addition, the same shift to mobile devices has taken place with gaming products. And it is precisely in this area that real money bets are particularly common.

Social networks and social games

Particularly against the background that social games are an important component of social networks such as Facebook and can thus acquire more central importance for the player due to the possible connection with personal relationships, this development is to be classified as questionable from an addiction policy point of view. This not only affects young people, but also the internet-savvy population in general. From a legal point of view, there is still a strict separation between the two industries, but an integrated view of research is all the more necessary in order to examine and understand social gaming with its cornerstones “games of chance for play money” and “games with money stakes”.