Several Games That Can Be Played for Money

Both blackjack and poker are mostly skill-based games. The way you play the hand will have a significant impact on the final result. In blackjack, players who count cards have a statistical advantage over the casino. Professional poker players use math to their advantage as well.

Advantage: Playing Gambling Games Online

Close to ninety-one percent of U.S. residents make use of the internet regularly. Most of the aforementioned land-based gambling options probably have electronic equivalents. Kite fighting is one of the rare exceptions I can think of when it comes to gambling games.

Online Sports Betting

Dozens of states have authorized sites like and others for daily fantasy sports betting. The online gambling industry and sports leagues both benefit greatly from online sports betting. Be sure it is legal where you are by checking the applicable legislation.


These are but a few examples of possible gambling games. I based my grouping on the suggestions of two sources. Nonetheless, I had issues with both of their classifications. I could make two separate lists, one for games where your choices count and one for games where they don’t. I could also name games like roulette and Wheel of Fortune that use spinning wheels.